• Image of Atrophy - Chemical Dependency (Digital)

Chemical Dependency features the 1987 demo by Atrophy, the thrash metal band from in Tucson, Arizona. As a result or their fast-playing style and lyrics (often covering death, politics and social issues), the band has been compared to that of their thrash metal contemporaries such as Testament, Vio-Lence, Forbidden, Sacred Reich and Nuclear Assault. Includes the complete remastered Chemical Dependency demo plus 4 live tracks recorded in Toronto, Canada in 1989. Digital edition in MP3 format.

1. Chemical Dependency (Demo)
2. Rest In Pieces (Demo)
3. Preacher, Preacher (Demo)
4. Suicide Pact (Demo)
5. Product Of The Past (Demo)
6. Beer Bong (Demo)
7. Killing Machine (Live)
8. Rest In Pieces (Live)
9. Product Of The Past (Live)
10. Beer Bong (Live)