• Image of Grinchfist - Brutality From The Vault: The Complete Grinchfist (Digital)

Voted best unsigned band in Los Angeles multiple times during the '90s, Grinchfist was a certifiable freight train of rage and aggression, dominating every stage they played. Now you can listen to every one of the songs ever recorded by the band! 20 tracks in all, Brutality From The Vault includes all of the original Grinchfist demo tracks from the first demo (1992), Black Ugly Leper Sheep (1993), Beefcore (1993), Sleepy South Bay Muffler Dog (1994), the 2 track demo that nearly got them signed to Geffen Records (1995) and a never before heard 6 track demo from 1995 that the band recorded before breaking up. Worship Grinchfist! Includes full album in MP3 format and a 24 page digital booklet with lyrics for all songs and photos of the band.

1. Bloodwrench
2. Weasel Rodeo
3. 40
4. Hiss
5. Drain
6. Vault
7. Blind
8. Dirt
9. B.A.
10. Ill
11. Trixxian Vitolo
12. Claven
13. Baked
14. Glengine
15. Spine
16. Unclean
17. Horsecock
18. Pope 88
19. Sinus
20. Hollow