• Image of Prototype - The TK Tapes: Rehearsal Demos 1995-1997 (Digital)

Between the Seed demo tape and the Cloned EP CD, Prototype recorded and released 2 rehearsal demos to tape traders and record labels in 1995 and 1997. These demos were recorded live in the studio using just a single stereo microphone, with only the guitar solos and vocals overdubbed. The original tapes, sometimes referred to as the "red" and "grey" demos (due to the color of the j-cards) have been unearthed, restored and mastered for the first time. Check out this rare collection of tracks, which includes the only demo recordings of the band's classic songs "The Way It Ends" and "With Vision" that later appeared on the Continuum album! Digital release in mp3 format.

1. The Way It Ends (Demo 1995)
2. Transcendent Velocity (Demo 1995)
3. By Breeze (Demo 1995)
4. Devotion (Demo 1995)
5. Mind In Motion (Demo 1997)
6. Probe (Demo 1997)
7. With Vision (Demo 1997)
8. Synthespian (Demo 1997)
9. Relativity (Demo 1997)