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Artisan is a Metal band from the Los Angeles area with Thrash, Prog, and Death Metal roots. Their first full length album The Stain of Life features Mike Bear from Prototype on bass and vocals, plus guest appearances from Kragen Lum (Heathen/Prototype), Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn) and Ian Jekelis (Aborted). Over 50 min of heavy music from the ethereal to the brutal including "The Sickness," "Vindication Mine" and the epic title track, "The Stain of Life"! Mixed and mastered by Charles Elliott at Tastemaker Audio, Los Angeles, CA.

This digital release is in mp3 format. Looking for WAV or FLAC lossless audio formats? Get them here: https://artisanmetal.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:
1. Vindication Mine
2. Contradictions
3. Invisible Empire
4. The Sickness
5. Useless
6. The Stain of Life
7. The Bitter Everything
8. I Own the Silence
9. We All Bleed
10. Goodbye

Artisan is:
Mike Bear - Vocals/Bass
Ed Laing - Guitar
Justin Bouchee - Drums

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