Invicta - Triumph and Torment (MP3)

Invicta - Triumph and Torment (MP3)


The brand new Invicta album "Triumph and Torment" includes 10 tracks of vicious and melodic Death/Thrash fit for a battle in Hell. Featuring Heathen touring guitarist Kyle Edissi on guitar and vocals, Invicta is a force to be reckoned with, delivering the killer tracks "Forces of Annhilation" and "Sinister Obsession" in their quest for total Metal domination. If you're looking for a cross between Revocation, Kreator and Iron Maiden, look no further. Get your copy now!

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Track Listing:
1. The New Throne
2. Forces of Annihilation
3. Apprentice of Death
4. Battle the Beyond
5. Sinister Obsession
6. The Morning's Light
7. Parasitic Reign
8. Preeminence
9. Embodiment of Infamy
10. Triumph and Torment

Invicta is:
Kyle Edissi - Guitars / Vocals
Jonah Kay - Guitars
Steve Rowlands - Bass
Reef Hassanien - Drums

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